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Our mission is to create an Asia literate nation through education

Teachers by trade

Founded in 1992 by a small group of classroom teachers seeking to increase students understanding and knowledge of Asia, the Asia Literacy Challenge addresses the pressures teachers face every day in delivering great learning to students. The Asia Literacy Challenge provides a carefully vetted, content rich resource that helps committed teachers bring variety, pace and engagement to their classrooms.

Literacy activities

The Asia Literacy Challenge is a vehicle using resources already available on the internet to  help students discover more about Asia and its importance to their futures.  Rather than provide another static textbook, the Asia Literacy Challenge uses the up to date resources on the internet to provide a dynamic way to connect students with current issues as well as the history, geography and cultures of Asia.


Smart, connected learning

The Asia Literacy Challenge provides teachers and students with classroom tools and resources to inspire discovery, thought and creation related to curriculum relevant topics drawn from the History, Geography, cultures and current events of Asia. Be part of a curriculum relevant global community, and engage your classroom with smart resources that extend across general knowledge, History, Geography and Social Studies.

Classrooms that feel alive

Our resources are designed to activate and inspire secondary level students across all literacy and classroom activities. Researching, comprehending, analysing, interpreting, observing, brainstorming, participating is what we're all about with knowledge and understanding of the History, Geography, cultures and current events of Asia as our primary focus.

Empowered teachers

We believe that the teacher is the engine driving any educational program. The Asia Literacy Challenge empowers teachers with classroom resources that enhance and expand their own classroom program.  

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