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Rationale for the Asia Literacy Challenge

The Asia Literacy Challenge provides teachers and students with a tool that inspires discovery, thought and reflection about Asia.  The rationale for the program is that the internet provides a huge amount of up to date information about Asia and students need to learn how to access and evaluate that information efficiently.

The questions we develop for the Asia Literacy Challenge mean that students must engage in research to find the answers.  This provides teachers with the opportunity to teach some basic research techniques and helps students improve their capacity to find good information.  In many cases students will find several answers and they will need to evaluate the information to determine which is most valid - a crucial process when there is so much misinformation available. 

The Asia Literacy Challenge provides a real opportunity for teachers to demonstrate the ambiguity of the world and encourage students to comprehend that the world is not black and white - there are shades of grey and nuance. 

The program includes sections of work that facilitate reflection and encourage empathy for people from other cultures.    


The Asia Literacy Challenge provides a 3-tier learning program

Tier 1  is an introductory test of 50 questions. Students will develop and practice essential research skills as they search for answers by using the school library and/or the Internet; analyzing maps, graphs, charts, and other reference materials that are embedded in the test questions; and through discussions with teachers and their peers. The ripple effects of engaging research offer an endless stream of discovery, knowledge, and reflection.

Tier 2  is for teachers who wish to have their students build on their newfound knowledge about Asia.  Students (individually or in small groups) select a topic for deeper research and knowledge-building and present their findings in any medium of their choosing: written, visual, verbal or video.

Tier 3  is a group activity. Teachers and/or students choose one or more topic(s) for class discussion or debate. This is a useful way for everyone to have their say and learn from each other's findings.

Upon completion students will:

  •      Know how to analyze and interpret information
  •      Know how and where to find information
  •      Know how to present information in a report
  •      Be educated about Asian history, geography, cultures, economies, and current affairs
  •      Be knowledgeable and confident about global issues
  •      Be inspired to use their research skills to continue learning

There's no extra work for teachers

Everything is completed online so students’ test results are ready the day after submission. No long wait times. 

The really great news is that this annually updated program can be taken anytime throughout the school year so it easily fits into your regular curriculum.

Be inspired

Join us in our quest to create knowledgeable students who will become confident global citizens. All you have to do is register here and you'll have access to the teachers' admin page.

How it works

There are two ways to be involved:

1. Schools working directly through the East West Centre

These schools will be given specific instructions by The East West Centre

2.  The Afterschool Program

1.     Register - Teachers can register free.  Once you register,you'll have access to the teacher admin page.

2.     Enroll students - On the teacher admin page you choose which program you wish to enrol for and nominate how many students you'd like in each level.

3.     Make payment - Make your payment online at https://eastwestcommunity.org/AsiaLiteracyChallenge or by check to AsiaPacificEd Program, East-West Center, 1601 East-West Road, Honolulu, HI 96848

4.     Activate - Once we've received your payment, we'll activate your account .

5.     Student access - You send us an excel list of your students' names and we will send back a list of their usernames and passwords. This will allow your students to access questions and submit their answers.

6.     Participate - The Asia Literacy Challenge comprises 50 multiple choice questions.  These questions enable students to make use of all resources available in the library and the internet.

7.     Get feedback - Students can submit their answers electronically to see how they performed.

For more detailed information follow the links below.


Sample questions

Benefits for teachers

The Asia Literacy Challenge is a premium product because:

  • it can be done at anytime of the year that fits with your teaching program.
  • you can get the results online the day after the students complete answering the questions.


You need to register and enroll your students two weeks before you want to use the program.


"Thank you for a wonderful educational resource that 
has been enjoyable and challenging." - J. Sutton, Deputy Principal, St Joseph’s



The General Knowledge Quizzes are free and available to students at any time.  Have your students submit a set of questions and we will put them online along with their name and school.